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Marksmanship goals

When I have enough time, I try to shoot my pistol at least once a week.  I usually know exactly what to work on each trip.  However, I'm pretty new to rifle marksmanship, so I decided to set some goals.

Goal 1: 1" groups on the bullseye at 25 meters, standing unsupported
After this goal is reached,
Goal 2: 1.5" groups on the bullseye at 50 meters, standing unsupported.  If my rifle won't do 1.5" I'll do whatever the rifle allows me to do.  Standing, unsupported.

When this goal is reached, I think I will buy a national match rifle and start shooting high-power rifle matches.  What do you guys think?  Are the goals too easy, or too hard?  I want to stay iron sights if I can.  My dominant eye vision is just about 20/20, though my right eye vision is a bit above 20/20.  I used to complain about them a lot until I realized my dominant eye is still pretty good; just not as good as it was when I was younger.

I would appreciate any tips!  I'll post my progress here.
Oh, and yes, I'll keep up my pistol shooting as well.

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