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Rage postal match - 25M rifle silhouettes

I've been dry firing a lot at home and I finally reached somewhat of a benchmark.  I did a couple of 2 inch groups firing from offhand, unsupported.  I'm slowly starting to understand the mechanics of it.

I got a bit bored at the range so I decided to come up with my own 'test.'
I can't remember where I got these targets, but the silluettes are simulated for 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 meters when fired at from 25 meters.  The goal is to make at least one hit on every single target, with 10 rounds in 5 minutes. I shoot from standing, unsupported.  A hit anywhere on each target is worth maximum 2 point.  However, if the previous target has scored a hit, each target subsequent target are eligible for the following points:

300 - 2
250 - 1.5
200 - 1
150 - 0.75
100 - 0.5
For a maximum of 20 points.

So basically, if you make one hit on all the targets, and 4 additional hits on the 300M target, you will have made 20 points.  If you missed the 250m target, you would only make 2 points on the 300m even if you made 4 hits on it.  Basically, if you aren't 100% sure of your abilities, you have to hedge your bets.  Purposefully missing one target penalizes you because the bonus points are not more than 2 points.

My best so far is 12 points on the LTR and 11 points on my AR-15

This target is available here.

Please feel free to upload your results!  The rules are: only 10 or less holes should appear on the paper, and the target is to be shot at 25 meters (about 27 yards).  When you print, turn off any scaling. Any caliber any rifle, iron sights, standing unsupported (sling okay).  If any tear or ring made by the bullet touches the target, then it is a hit.  Good luck!

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