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My name is dwkfym.  This blog is going to be about shooting sports and firearms.  I am the author of the Hi-Kick Racing so this will be my second blog.  But don't get too hopeful, I'm a very dry writer and you may not enjoy reading this blog.  "But dwk, why did you start Shooter's Quest?"  I'll tell you.  I made this post just to tell you why.

For the beginner!
This blog is intended for those who are beginners or otherwise seek to improve their shooting skills.  I've been shooting since late adolescence, but haven't owned a firearm or seriously perused shooting sports until now.   So, as you track my progress I hope you will learn from my success and failures.

Keeping track of my progress
I am just stepping into this hobby.  I've learned from my other pursuits, such as racing and kickboxing, that keeping a log of my performances helps greatly in improvement.

Spread the goods!
Let me tell you a bit about my other blog.  I wrote on that blog with vigilance and I definitely had a not-so-hidden agenda.  So much money is wasted in the world of cars and racing.  People can save money by doing things on their own with a bit of research and effort.  Instead, they go out and spend loads of money on things.  Sure, an amatuer hobbyist will never match the quality of nice professional work, but functionality wise it may be no different.  I loaded my blog with little projects I did on my race car ventures and wrote up instructions on how to do it.  Although my readership isn't huge or anything, my articles does get linked on various discussion boards and hundreds of people read it every month.   I intend to do exactly that with this blog.  It'll be a little bit different because firearms aren't as expensive as cars (its ammo that adds up quickly), but it'll be fun nonetheless.

Opinionate (verb)
Okay, I know that is not really a word, but it felt better than writing "express my opinions."  What? No Sarah Palin jokes?  Nope, that is because I really dislike talking about politics.  So, I'll try to stay away from political statements but I'll have opinions about other things here and there.  I hope you guys like reading about them.  As a lifelong martial artist and an instructor of some sorts, I may talk about some self-defense techniques and training methods, but that is really not the main point of this blog so I'm going to keep that at a minimum.

Note: I don't intend to make any money off of this blog.  Hi-kick Racing only resulted in few token sponsorships.  Because I did not hope to profit off of the blog, I was very happy that I got the sponsorships.  Anyways, I am an amateur and this blog will be written as such!

Well, thank you for coming to my blog!  Please add me to your bookmarks, RSS feed, or anything else!

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