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Cramming This Update - Part 2 CFDP IDPA 8/7

I made it out to the Central Florida Defensive Pistol Association's IDPA event on August 7th.  Unfortunately, I only got to shoot a few stages because the event got canceled mid-way: someone had negligently shot himself in the calf.  I heard he is okay, and I'm glad to hear that.  He must be beating himself over about the incident, and I can't imagine the shi* he is getting from his family.

So this will be a short update.  The highlight of this event for me was meeting Bongsao, Pitor and Scouse.  Great guys to shoot with!  Bongsao runs a great blog called Making Master Class.  Bongsao, despite having started IDPA not too much longer before me, has made sharpshooter.  Watching him shoot was fun.

This is Bongsao's video of the event, please fast forward to 3:58 to see me shoot a stage.  I'm wearing an outfit that makes me look like the bad guy.

This is the first event I shot where I wore a concealment garment.  That shows how new I am to this; the previous club I used to shoot with, First Coast IDPA club, usually did not require a concealment garment when it was hot out.  It made a difference.  As you can see in the video, sometimes during reloads my jacket would get in the way during magazine changes.

I don't think I shot that well this event.  My accuracy was way down.  I can say that I had less procedurals for this event.  I guess I'm getting used to it.

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