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Cramming for Tests, Cramming This Update

It has been over a month since I made my last update.  I'm going to cram this post with updates like I crammed for the bar exam.  For that I apologize.  As you probably know, I've been away from blogging for the last few months because I had to try and focus on studying for the bar exam.  I took the bar exam late last month, took a few days off vacationing in California.  After that I moved to my in-laws.. yes, I live with parents now.  But free rent, being with family is good.

A bit about my California trip.  I'm actually originally from San Diego.  Well, I'm from two more places but that is a long story, lets just say I'm from San Diego.  A bunch of my friends from college are scattered all over California, so I had places to stay.  I stayed at a friend's house in Sacramento while I took the exam, then spent a few days there.  Got to check out the California State Fair.  Oh, if you ever make it to Sacramento, check out a bar called Pre-flite Lounge.  Its a small, old bar located where the old downtown airport terminal was.  It isn't really a place you go to pick up girls, but its great for anything else.  Nice, quiet atmosphere that is finished off nicely with the old jukebox.  And if you are lucky, you get to see the bar dog, who is around inside the bar.. somewhere..

The rest of my trip was spent in San Diego.  My good friend has a 35 foot sailboat moored off of Coronado.  I got to stay there for the remainder of my trip.  Before I moved to Florida, I used to go Kayak fishing in that exact area.  Sometimes we'd go at night and I'd love how quiet everything was, with just the noise of my paddles gently tickling the calm, glassy water around me.  I'd watch the boats gently rock and wonder what stories each had to tell.  Then I'd look up, watch the stars, watch the city lights, and everything reflecting off of the sea.  Hands down my favorite memory of California.  Well, for those few days I got to see that every night before I went to sleep.  I made it a life goal to get into sailing and to be able to afford a cruising sailboat.

Oh, and another reason why I was off-line for so long.  One time on a particularly choppy morning, I was moving from the boat to a dinghy to paddle back ashore.  I guess I need to work on my sea legs.  I fell into the water with my backpack, which had everything from laptop to bar notes in it.  I managed to throw it into the dinghy half-filled with water before it sunk, but it did not save my cell phone or my computer.

Old racing buddies from San Diego
Later on that same day, after a good friend of mine let me do laundry, wash up and reorganize, I drove back to LAX, drunk with the beautiful orange and gray sunset of Southern California.  I really enjoyed the trip.  I was physically fine and my stamina was far from up but I was mentally and emotionally drained from taking the exam.  A part of me was sad to leave California again but another part of me couldn't wait to get back home.  I had such a good time seeing my friends.  I was very happy that everyone made time to see me, and most of all I was happy to see them again.

I did do some shooting also, so I'll report on that in the next series of cram posts.

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