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Ammo review - USA Ammo 9mm Para. 115gr

Fill in the blank: Shipment of ammo makes dwkfym ________. a) happy b) sad c) angry  

Ammo! I recently got a shipment of ammo for all of my guns.  I only own three and they fire only two types of ammo: 9mm and 5.56mm.  As always, I go very cheap.  I'm a very frugal guy when it comes to consumables, though I am slightly a snob when it comes to guns.  This is evidenced by the fact that I bought an M9, then bought a 92G slide instead of just buying a Taurus PT92 from the get-go.  Whatever, I love my Beretta.  Incidently, if anyone needs a 92FS slide, I have one for sale.

I usually find my deals on Slickguns.com.  I know there are a bunch of websites that price out ammo per round, but they usually don't bother checking shipping costs.  Well, slickguns users do, and that makes the difference for me.  This case of 1000 came out to be just under 18 cents a round.  Why so cheap?  These are once-fired brass reloads.  I guess USAammo purchases brass from ranges, sorts them out, and reloads.

The ammo is 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum, 115gr.

My review.  I fired 250 rounds of this ammo at the range today.  No malfunctions.  Its a bit dirty; my right forearm looked like someone thought it was dinner and sprinkled pepper all over it.  Remember I'm left handed though, so I do get a bit more powder on that arm than anyone else.

The brass don't have many scratches made by the ejector.  In fact, they are very clean brass.  I believe them when they say once-fired.  The brass reads various manufacturers; PMC, Winchester, CCI (blazer), PPU, Federal, S&B and CBC.  What the heck is CBC?  Oh, found one mroe, Midway.  Whats that? (Edit: I found out CBC is magtech)  All name brands, and it probably doesn't matter much anyways since components may be from a fewer number of manufacturers.  Either way, people have reloaded the same brass many dozens of times with no failures, so as long as it is loaded well it should be fine.  The bullet looks fine too.

Recoil is a bit snappy.  Imagine your standard Federal champion 9mm, then imagine your Sellier & Bellot 9mm.  The recoil is in between the two.  Definitely practice ammo, but I will run it at my next IDPA event.

Accuracy is alright.  I am not good enough to tell you how accurate these rounds are out at 25 yards; I'll be lucky if I'm making 6 inch groups there.  But I fired these rounds through my G as well as a lane neighbor's Glock, and i could hit bullseye from both guns at 10 yards.  Good enough for me.

If you want to order this ammo, go on http://www.usaammo.com/.  But before you do that, go to www.slickguns.com and see if there is a 50% shipping discount coupon that is active.

The tray is probably damaged from when I tried to jam the whole box into a bigger box.  No big deal either way.


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