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Busy busy busy!

My frankenAR-15
Sorry guys.  I've been real busy studying for the bar exam.  Seems the more stressed I get the money I spend on things I can't enjoy until the source of the stress is gone.  I built an AR-15 to take my mind off of the bar exam during breaks.. or so the excuse goes.  Anyways, I'll have time after August 5th to make more updates.  Yes, I did attend the July First Coast IDPA competition.  I have two posts I have pretty much finished typing, but I have to wait until after the exam to update the blog since I have to format them and clean them up.  One is a match report and the other is a pre-match practice report.

After my exam, I plan to take the month very easy.  That means hard practice for shooting!  While I'm in between careers, I plan to go to an IDPA competition every weekend.  I also plan to practice shooting once a week before each match.  During this month, I hope my skills visibly improve.  I can't wait!

The website I created is coming along.  It is slow, but every week we are seeing one or two more members.  So if you are reading this, please check out the website!  www.shootersquest.net  What I am hoping to do with this blog is to  bring together people and encourage them to start some sort of log to systematically improve their skills.  Also, I am hoping that myself and other members will benefit from reading about each other's ventures.  You can also click on the logo on the right sidebar on this blog.

Okay, wish me good luck and see you soon!

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