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Gear Review - L.A. Police Gear Pistol Bag / Diplomat Pistol Case

My range bag kind of sucks.  I've been using a Winchester range bag I bought from Wal-Mart.  It came with two folding pistol covers.  Inside, there are three compartments, and one compartment on the side.  I used to stuff my 92FS and the Cougar 8040 as backup into the two compartments, and stuff the center third compartment with my eye protection and hearing protection, belt, my ASA magazine holster, holsters for the two handguns, magazines, and ammo.  They'd just clunk around.  Gah!  I needed some way to keep everything separate.

Also, if I didn't want to take my full pack, I had no way to safely and conveniently carry it from my house to my car.  At least not until my concealed weapons license would be approved.

Flag patch not included

L.A. Police Gear has this nifty, cheap handgun bag for sale.  They call it the L.A. Police Gear Pistol Case.  Looking at the URL, I guess they used to be called the MOC Diplomat Pistol Case.  Much cooler name. Costs only 10 bucks!

It holds my 92FS, 4 of my magazines with room for more, holster, and the magazine holster.  I can fit in a box of ammo too.  All in a convenient, small man-purse (lol) size.  And since the magazines are all held by elastic and the pistol is secured in its own soft-lined zipper pouch, things don't really clunk around in there.  Entire thing is about 11"x8.5".  There is a bit more room even after all that, and it zips up easy still.

Pictures tell a thousand words, so I'll let them do the talking.

Excuse my legs and shorts.  All photos are thumbnails, click to see larger photos.
Anyways, whats that gotta do with my crappy range bag?  Well, now I can just stuff that entire bag into a backpack I purchased, and the rest of my bulkier gear, my other gun, ammo, safety equipment, notepad and pencil can go into the backpack.  That way, I can haul all of that stuff in a more convenient fashion, and be able to access it without having to rummage through crap like I had to with my range bag.  I can also conveniently carry just the 92FS package to and from my car to my house.  I'm a happy camper.

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  1. According to me the CoolCop attaches easily onto the air conditioning vent,and the soft vinyl vest attachment fits comfortably between my vest and undershirt.