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Gear Review - Israeli Tactical / ITAC/ ASA Defense Magazine Carrier

My first gear review!  This is going to be a very simple, straightforward review.

At my first IDPA event, I made my own double magazine holster with Kydex.  This turned out to be much more difficult than I thought.  The end result was ugly; I'll have a picture of it at the bottom.  It worked fine, but I wasn't satisfied with the construction and I didn't want to rely on it.

Do you ever complain about products made of economically and industrially feasible material, and think "this couldn't have cost more than x amount of dollars to make!" and complain about how expensive you have to pay to get the product?  I do all the time.  Well, this magazine holster I am reviewing certainly does not fall into that category.

CDNN Sports Inc. is a popular online vendor that sells a wide variety of shooting related products, including firearms.  Many of the cheap stuff they sell isn't so great, but this magazine holster met my expectations.  They sell this magazine holder for only 7 dollars at the time I write this.  They have a few models which should accommodate most handguns on the market, including single stack magazines.  It looks like this:

Stock Photo from CDNN Website
Its an Israeli made polymer magazine paddle holster, made by ASA Defense.  I've never heard of the company but it appears to be of military grade.

How do I like it?  Very much.  Tension adjustable with a hex key in the middle.  I adjusted the tension so there is no possibility of it falling out from my movements, but loose enough that I can pull it out very quickly.  The paddle is contoured well, and it is very comfortable to wear.  It also appears to be very durable.  I haven't fallen on it or anything (ow that would hurt), but I can trust that it will not fail during competition.

The paddle slips over your belt or waistband.  There are some extrusions in the outside of the paddle that will hold it securely in place once it is over the belt.  Furthermore, it is cant adjustable in what it looks like 5 degree increments.  I currently run it at the smallest possible forward cant for IDPA.  Unfortunately, it is probably not suitable for actual concealed carry.  But it should be perfect for service and duty use, and most importantly for me, competition use.

I've run it for 1 event and have worn it every practice range sessions.  If you are in the market for a magazine holder, please go check out CDNN's website.

These photos are high-res, so if you want to see it in more details just click on it.

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