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Smith & Wesson 642

I don't like gun shows that much.  Most of the stuff out there is a ripoff, preying on unsuspecting or underinformed consumers.  The CWP classes there are a joke, instructors even giving plain incorrect legal advice.  But alas, I went.  It was on the way to a destination and besides, wal-mart has been dry of 9mm ammo for quite some time and sometimes there are good deals on 9mm at gun shows.

I came out with not a box of 9mm, but a new piece and a blade.  Well, the Spyderco was part of buying the revolver; I traded in my current factory-edge Emerson (for more than I spent on it I may add) for a bit of cash and discounted price on the Spyderco, which allowed me to pony up enough cash for the 642.  It was just an okay deal, but I loved that laminated wood grip!  I figured it would be like a 20 dollar value, which makes takes it from 'okay' to 'good' deal.  I later found out through a helpful person on reddit told me what the grips were and that the revolver is a distributor exclusive edition.  I know that may just mean they slapped on some discontinued grip and slapped it on there, but.. cool!  Just as a side note, laminated grips are heavier but durability exceeds plastic grips.

I fired it at the range today.  Whoa!  I forgot how hard snubnose revolvers kick.  Especially firing the +p loads.  Each time I fired, it would shift in my hand.  I use the standard 60% of grip from support hand and 40% on trigger hand method, and it was hard to grip harder with the support hand due to the small size of the grip.  However, shooting with one hand was a pleasure.  The grip actually fits my hand very nice.

I could hit a head sized target out to about 10 yards, with some decent speed.  But that is about it.  I'm all over the place!  Need more practice.  As far as egronomics and use goes, its very simple and I like it a lot.  I almost want to replace my PPS as a carry piece, but I want more than 5 rounds of .38 special.

This will be my carry weapon when I'm out jogging at night, and when I am out in my boat.  I figure the simplicity and the stainless cylinder and bore will go a long way with saltwater exposure.

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