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Happy new year! - Some very overdue updates

Hey everyone

I apologize for being absent for long.  Since I've moved to California, failed the bar exam, and have been working.  I've saved up quite a lot of money, at least for me.  Enough to go back to school to get another degree.  I'm going to be the most overeducated SOB around my circle of friends.
I've gone shooting only once.  No doubt what little skill I've had has deteriorated.  I plan on getting back into the swing of things when I return to California.  I think I am also going to join the National Guard upon my return to California.  Military service is something I have always wanted to do-- I'm an army brat!  Also, in the country of my citizenship, all male individuals serve in the military.  I am 26 now and I have not yet.  Even though this is for the United States military, I think I should at least in some form contribute.
Now, for some related news!

I've decided to switch my gaming gun.  While I love the Beretta (it was a pistol I've wanted since I was in high school) I have come to terms with the fact that my hands are too small for its grip.  I have had better luck with the 8000 cougar and newer M9 models; the cutout seems to make all the difference.  However, it is my support hand that has trouble providing adequate support, not my firing hand.

In choosing my next gun, I relied on my experiences with the various handguns I've fired, but most importantly advice from a few people I trust on http://www.floridaconcealedcarry.com/ (there are quite a few IDPA shooters on that forum).  I will do an update on how I arrived at the conclusion and which gun I went with.
Anyways, please stay tuned.

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